Paint It Out is the Bridge between Spontaneous Expression and your Authentic Self

The Creative Process

The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.
— Aristotle
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Have you ever experienced a burning desire to create something, but didn't know where to begin?  Have you wanted to explore the depth of your passion but were secretly fearful of it?  Are you longing for a place to express your creative side but felt too vulnerable to share it with others?  Then you’re invited to attend the transformative workshops offered by Kathryn LePage at the Paint It Out Studio.  From your very first visit, you will begin freeing the full potential of the artist living inside of you.

What we do. The expressive arts method starts with the premise that art is not something to be learned or improved upon.  Instead, you will paint from your rich emotional source, allowing you to speak honestly and truly through the medium of paint. You begin a process that helps turn your entire life into a work of art. 

In the Studio, everyone is considered a beginner.  Kathy provides your space and all the materials to paint, freeing you to focus on your subjective journey.  You begin with a blank sheet of paper.  From there you allow your imagination, feelings and thoughts to guide you. We refrain from comments on the quality, subject matter, or technique to build a sanctuary for pure exploration of the inner experience. Paintings emerge organically from within each person - there are no rules or techniques to inhibit artistic expression.  Intuition and inspiration guide the work, while old patterns of needing to achieve perfection break apart.

The painter has the Universe in his mind and hands.
— Leonardo da Vinci

Throughout this journey of self-discovery, Kathy serves as your guide and mentor.  She will gently encourage you to acknowledge and move beyond the fear, negativity and self-doubt that hold you back from living a meaningful and authentic life.  Her goal is to support the creative process rather than to focus on a “successful” painting.  Freeing your wild inner artist often is difficult to achieve on your own.  In solitude, it is too easy to let your "sensible" self derail your artistic efforts with negative thoughts, comparisons and judgments. In the Paint It Out Studio, Kathy’s groups and workshops are a lively, humorous and secure  community that opens the door to meaningful engagement with your painting.

Who would like to come? Although this experience is essential for working artists, it has a profound ability to effect participants in other walks of life. The painting experience is beneficial for therapists, writers, doctors, professionals, accountants, teachers.  Anyone who wants to try an experience that is on the cutting edge of personal revelation and psychological change is welcome.  Through the expressive arts process, you will break through your powerful inner critic and past conditioning that impedes your true nature.  Past participants regard the process arts method as a catalyst for change that has an effect on many aspects of self-awareness, spirituality, and relationships.

Use these workshops to stimulate your creative side, unblock resistance and explore the spiritual dimensions of your unique creative process.  No matter how old you are or where you are in life, it’s never too late to meet the artist within.  Contact Kathy at PAINT IT OUT studio today to reserve your spot in her groups and workshops.

Questions or comments? Contact Kathy, she is happy to speak with you.